How Your Password on WordPress Site is Hacked

Thanks for reading this tutorial “How Your Password on WordPress Site is Hacked” but before reading this tutorial i highly suggest you to change your password on other sites if you are using the same password on any WordPress site. This is because the WordPress site admin can see your password when you log in to their site so if you are using the same password on any other site like facebook, twitter, linkedin, any back account or any other site then they can get access to it. Therefore i recommend you to keep your WordPress site password different from Read More

Bulk Edit WordPress Posts and Pages

In this tutorial we are going to see how to bulk edit WordPress posts and pages. By default WordPress allows us to edit posts and pages in bulk but for that we have to display list of all the posts and pages on “All Posts” and “All Pages” screens respectively as described below so that we can bulk edit it. How to Display All Posts or Pages in the WordPress Admin Area To display all posts or pages just visit the “All Posts” or “All Pages” screens and click on the “Screen Options” tab then in the displayed form add Read More

Work from Home or Remote WordPress Jobs

Here i have listed some of the companies and sites offering 100% remote WordPress jobs. These are the remote WordPress jobs where you can work from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. List of Companies offering Remote WordPress Jobs : Company Name : Automattic Inc Job Page URL : Job Opportunities : VIP Wrangler, JavaScript Engineer, Code Wrangler, Euro Human (Resources) Wrangler, HR Engineer, Happiness Engineer, Mobile Developer, Theme Wrangler, User Interface Designer, Excellence Wrangler, Growth Explorer, Data Wrangler, Systems Developer, Lounge Assistant Company Name : Audrey Capital Job Page URL : Job Opportunities : Read More

How to Use Custom CSS in WordPress Site

There are various ways to use custom CSS in WordPress site. We are going to learn¬†in this tutorial all these ways of using custom CSS. All the ways discussed in this tutorial are update proof, it means if you update the WordPress, parent theme or plugins on your site then it won’t¬†overwrite the custom CSS code that you have used on your site using any of the following ways so it will save your time as you don’t have to make these changes again after updation. What is Custom CSS in WordPress? Custom CSS is a CSS code which added Read More