Set Featured Image

In this tutorial we are going to see how to set featured image or post thumbnail in WordPress. What is Featured Image or Post Thumbnail in WordPress In WordPress you can associate an image to the post or page which is called Featured Image or Post Thumbnail of that post or page. Most WordPress plugins and themes uses this featured image to display it along with the post or page. This featured image is displayed by plugin and theme using the WordPress function the_post_thumbnail or get_the_post_thumbnail so the theme that you are using on your site should use any of Read More

How to Enable Comments in WordPress

You don’t need to enable comments in WordPress site because when you install the WordPress, the comments are enabled by default for posts. Later you or somebody changes the comment settings in your WordPress site to disable it and you want to enable it again or want to enable the comments for pages which are disabled by default since WordPress version 4.3. But you either don’t know how to enable the comments or forgot about it. Not an issue at all. In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to enable comments in WordPress site again. Enable Comments Read More

Can You Create a WordPress Child Theme of Another Child Theme?

To know whether we can create¬†WordPress child theme of another child theme, let’s first understand what is child themes and parent themes in WordPress. If any WordPress theme inherits its functionality and styling from another theme then it’s called child theme and it uses the tag “Template:” in its style.css file to specify from which theme it’s inheriting the functionality and styling. The theme from which the functionality and styling is being inherited is called the parent theme. In WordPress modifying any existing theme is not recommended but instead its recommended to created a child theme of this existing theme Read More

Most Popular WordPress Magazine Themes

Are you planning to start your own online magazine? Or are you planning to move your print magazine business to the digital world to ensure that you get the right kind of exposure that other online magazines get? To start your online magazine you need to ensure that you not just provide the right kind of content that your audience will expect, but also create the right kind of seamless experience where they feel ease and comfort while browsing through the online magazine website. If you are planning to use WordPress, you certainly need to choose the right WordPress magazine Read More