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Free WP TP stands for Free WordPress Themes, Tutorials and Plugins.

We are a group of WordPress developers, designers and writers who have developed this website in 2015 and continuously improving it to provide free WordPress help, themes and plugins.

What you can get here?

Free WordPress Tutorials and Listings

Visit http://freewptp.com/ for free WordPress tutorials and listings. The tutorials describe WordPress functionality in detail and support you to resolve your WordPress issues. From the listings of WordPress themes and plugins categorized by specific domain and functionality, you can easily find the best match themes and required plugins.

Free WordPress Themes

We have listed all our free WordPress themes here http://freewptp.com/themes/

Free WordPress Plugins

Get our free WordPress plugins from here http://freewptp.com/plugins/

Free Support

Access our support forum here http://freewptp.com/forums/ to get free support for any WordPress questions and issues.